Fall Down, Get Up, Repeat if Necessary

J. Arthur drank steadily for 40 years, often with glee but only rarely with restraint. Eventually, however, when lying, cheating, and stealing no longer served; when the alcohol just quit working; when he couldn’t remember why he was mad, sad, confused, and resentful—he had great luck in finding a moment of clarity.

In Fall Down, Get Up, Repeat if Necessary, Arthur shares stories from his life and reveals just how lucky he got in finding that moment. He does not offer a how-to guide to DIY sobriety; instead, he recounts just a smidge of what worked for him.

Once he was horrified at the thought of being an alcoholic, a disease for which there is no vaccine, no inoculation. Now he is at peace, knowing there is a fabulous relief when one discovers that treatment exists for this sickness of the mind body and soul.